Mission Statement

We believe in data-driven humans that are powered by technological automation to deliver the best possible return for our clients.

FT Optimize is a modern agency that views the future as being beholden to First Party Data and leveraging control of that data to gain performance efficiencies across all channels. We work as seamlessly with your in-house team as we do handling everything you have come to expect from a traditional agency.  It is mission critical for us when it comes to hiring the best-in-field experts to provide dedicated resources to tackle digital trends and consult on overall marketing strategies to propel your business forward. 

We have even written our own bidding algorithm and customize it to each of our client’s unique financial needs to deliver a deeper and more relevant layer of data to impact meaningful business decisions

Client Testimonials

“FTO is committed to our vision. We empower all people, regardless of where they are in their coding career. Just six months after partnering with FTO our Pro memberships soared 79% while simultaneously decreasing cost per clicks 50%”

— Luke Bottke

“FT Optimize has proven to be a trusted solution, in my past and current companies, to expand the SEM contribution to our business. FT Optimize is truly a standout in their attention to our business and marketing priorities; offering deep expertise, true partnership and excellent customer service.”

— Patrick Reiter